Tour N - Prague + Northern Bohemia incl. visit of Saxony

Date by your request - in the end of May or in September

The tour takes together 10 days: 8 cycling days + the end in Prague

This tour shows you how beautiful is the Czech (= Bohemian) countryside north from Melnik (north from Prague). You are going to find unexpected advantages of cycling in the former military area, which is unspoiled in every respect - there is a really original nature with no civilization and no traffic. But roads are covered by a good surface! We call this place The cyclist´s paradise!

But first we cycle through protected landscape full of sandstone rocks, deep valleys, pine trees, caves, gorges and canyons called Kokorin to Doksy. Not far from this small town there is a great Machovo lake, noticable twin-hills with castle Bezdez and also the old Russian military airport, now closed to soldiers, but open to public!

The next day after visiting these interesting sites we again move in the northern direction. The route leads us through the above mentioned paradise. It´s called Ralsko because there is a hill of this name in the area. A lot of other hills you can notice and some lakes, too. In our itinerary is a visit of a great hill with a great viewtower Jested. In good weather you can admire views to three countries from it (Czech Rep., Poland, Germany)!

Then we cycle along the border under hills we call Luzicke mountains to the National Park Czech Switzerland (it´s the youngest Czech NP - since 2000). Here you find again beautiful nature similar as in the Kokorin area - sandstone rocks, canyons, gorges and also two streams where boat trips are very popular. These are on both sides of the border (means Czech and German one). Almost a whole day we are going to spend in Saxony - part of Eastern Germany, where you find a lot of nice cycle paths. The best known is the Elbe-Radweg.

After the last cycling day we move to Prague. We use our van or a train - this depends on the number and on the wishes of the participants. Keen cyclists can cycle very big part of this way - to Melnik, where the car will wait.

More about the tour:
- usually we stay two nights at one place - first day we arrive, next day we make a circle ride and the following morning we cycle to another place
- daily 2 or more possibilities - you can choose shorter (or longer) route!
- the distances to go depend on the number of sights, the profile, etc. Average about 60 km = 38 miles daily. We can be very flexible - because of our good knowledge - we can offer you more variations every day, more visits of Saxony, etc.
- included is also a very special boat trip in Germany.

Places of accommodation (number of nights):
Melnik (1), Doksy (2), Osecna or Jablonne (2), Chribska (2), Prague (2)

Daily 28 - 50 miles (45 - 80 km). Short and easy off-road parts some days included, too.

More about the area of "Switzerland"
The national park on the Czech side of the border includes the most valuable part of Labské piskovce (Elbe Sandstones), Jetrichovicke steny (Jetrichovice Walls) and the border area of Decinske steny (Decin Walls). To the south and the north-east, the national park is enclosed by the Labske Piskovce Protected Landscape Area, whereas to the east the Luzicke hory (Lusatian Mountains). Protected landscape area lies adjacent to the park. Total area of the NP is 79 square kilometres only.
History - the Czech-Saxon Switzerland is one of the most renowned traditional tourist destinations in Central Europe. This tradition goes back to the period of Romanticism, when Swiss and German romantic painters "discovered" the area. The first efforts to protect Saske Svycarsko on a large scale date back to 1928. On January 1, 2000, the Czech Switzerland national park became the fourth national park to be established in the Czech Republic. The park links to the Sächsische Schweiz (Saxon Switzerland) National Park in Germany across the border, which was founded in 1990.

Saxony has everything that makes a holiday special: metropolitan flair and small town romanticism, river valleys and mountain ranges, meadows and woods, castles and fortresses. The cycle path Elbe-Radweg follows the river Elbe, from its source till its mouth into the Northern Sea. The definitely nicest part is the 50 km long part with the Elbe Sandstone Mountains - a natural attraction. Elbe goes through the grandiose crags of the Saxon Switzerland National Park, with their majestic mesas, rugged massifs and fascinating views.

Date Programme in short

1st day

Arrival, transport to Melnik

2nd day

Melnik - sightseeing, afternoon cycling to Doksy.

3rd day

Circle around Doksy

4th day

Cycling Doksy - Ralsko area - Osecna / Jablonne

5th day

Circle around and visit of Jested

6th day

Cycling northeast to Doubice

7th day

Cycling to Germany and along the Elbe back to Doubice

8th day

Cycling, transport to Prague / Melnik

9th day

Prague - sightseeing, etc.

10th day

Prague, departure

Price: £ 480 / E 530
Included: accommodation (good quality - usually WC on your room) - 7 times out of Prague, twice in Prague, breakfasts (every day), dinners (not in Prague), luggage and support vehicle, map, guides*, entrance fee to German boat trip, on the 1st day transport from the airport to Melnik, after the last cycling day transport to Prague, 4 tickets for public transport in Prague.

Not included are lunches and beverages, insurance, air tickets, transport to the airport in Prague.

Group size: from 6 to 20. Smaller / bigger groups on individual agreement.

After the official tour days you can stay in Prague, of course - just let us know in the booking form if you want to book extra accommodation. Expect B+B about £ 22-26 per person in a two bed room (this is not in the very centre).

If you are interested let us know.


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